Project Onward Participates in ComEd New Facility Opening

Project Onward Participates in ComEd New Facility Opening

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February 19, 2016 – Artists, staff and volunteers from Project Onward participated in the opening of the new ComEd Training Facility in Bridgeport. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was joined by other local dignitaries in the ribbon cutting ceremony.  Art from Project Onward has been on display at ComEd since the end of the summer as the new facility has been in its final stages.

From Comed press release:

ComEd expects more than 4,000 employees will receive training at the facility annually and over 6,000 members of the public will visit the facility each year for educational tours. The center is decorated with art from Project Onward participants, a program at the Bridgeport Arts Center that supports the professional development of artists with exceptional talents and challenges, ranging from autism to mental illness.


image - comed ribbon cutting 1
Project Onward Board Member Marsha Woodhouse is welcomed by Paula Conrad of Comed


ComEd has been a steadfast supporter of the artists with disabilities at Project Onward. Project Onward relies on donors to continue forward in its programming. Please consider a one-time or regular donation. Thank you!