Michael Hopkins painting presented to Carol Burnett

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image - eunice painting and crowd

Painting of Carol Burnett character, “Eunice,” by Project Onward artist, Michael Hopkins

May 18, 2016 – The comedian, variety show actress and host, Carol Burnett was presented with a painting last night, created by Project Onward artist, Michael Hopkins. The painting was a portrait of Carol’s character, “Eunice.” Ninety-three year old Cruz Gomez, the mother of one of the Project Onward volunteers presented the painting to Carol along with a description of Project Onward and adult artists with disabilities. Carol and the audience were very taken with the painting and the work of Project Onward. Carol asked that the painting be taken directly to her dressing room.

Baby boomers grew up watching Carol Burnett and her cast of comedians on television. Carol is currently delighting audiences at the Chicago Theater through the end of this week.

Michael Hopkins’ portrait of Carol had been awarded as one of the raffle prizes, the previous night, in Project Onward’s Celebration of Lives in the Arts exhibit which honored the life of Lois Weisberg. Lois was the founder of Project Onward and dedicated her life to the promotion of arts and culture in Chicago. Lois passed away this last January. Her sister, June relates that of all the projects that Lois initiated and supported, Project Onward was nearest to her heart.

image - michael hopkins

Michael Hopkins