Larger than Life: Art on a Grand Scale
image - pedro graffitti

Friday, February 20 – Saturday, March 9

Opening reception Friday, February 20, 6 – 9 pm

Project Onward dares you to go big or go home, with very large pieces from our boldest artists! Sabeion Lavinder’s drawings of an expansive landscape and a giant robot, created by Scotch-taping dozens of letter-sized pieces of paper together, are matched in scale and intensity by his cardboard sculptures of an aircraft carrier, Stealth bomber, and artillery cannons. Pedro Basantes brings the urban experience into the gallery, with graffiti writing painted on a building-sized canvas. New artist Daniel Brendel contributes his interpretation of Picasso’s Guernica: a massive canvas in neon colors that upends and reevaluates the modern master’s work. One look and you’ll be amazed by the ambition and ingenuity on display.

image - two paintings