image - Julius Bautista

Julius DC Bautista (b. 1987) moved to the US at age one from Manila, Philippines. From that time on, the duality of two languages in the household formed the interest of/and structure of language/identity/and personification for him. Julius graduated from Glenbard North High School and from there went to boot camp for the Marines at Camp Pendleton, CA. He graduated boot camp and USMC School of Infantry’s Marine Combat Training Program. In 2006 he moved to Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to begin his Military Occupation Speciality training from USMC Electronic Engineering School and Combat Deployment Training.

In 2007, after a trying time of medical and mental evaluations, Julius was discharged under Honorable Conditions and moved back to Glendale Heights, Illinois. He was accepted into the UIC Studio Arts Program, and from there focused on his career in art making and learning to curate through the UIC’s student run gallery. In 2012 he graduated and became a member of the Fulton St. Artist Collective. In 2014 he joined Project Onward, where his work has flourished.

Every face he creates is chiseled and structural. The images evoke a sense of emotional discipline or pondering complex thoughts/memories. He can express and experience his love of narrative/sometimes biographical renditions of identity, distress, fortune/misfortune, and add concepts of beauty and glamor juxtaposed with hardship and sometimes violence.  The portraiture combines expert skill with emotional complexity. A veteran of the US Marine Corps, Julius lives with Borderline Personality Disorder, a condition that informs his work as an artist. He notes “displacement is commonly known in psychology to be utilized by the mind under heavy duress. Every decisive action is a conflict between calculation and impulse, where even a simple conversation can be excruciatingly complex, with an infinite number of possible outcomes.”