Greatest Hits: A Decade of Project Onward

image - cat painting

Since 2004, Project Onward has supported the work of artists who represent a wide variety of personalities, styles, and mediums—from charcoal and paint to cardboard and glitter. “Greatest Hits” is a visual playlist of some of our most iconic works of art, created by our most recognizable artists: George Zuniga’s “Windy City Kitty,” Sereno Wilson’s “Keep Calm and Carry Onward,” Ruby Bradford’s paintings of Superman and Prince Charles. The voices of Project Onward, in all their diversity, come through loud and clear—a reminder of art’s ability to empower, transform, and transcend. And the hits just keep on coming! Our second decade kicks off in 2015, and the artists of Project Onward are just getting warmed up. On view in the Main Gallery through February 14, 2015.