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Project Onward is a donor-dependent non profit that relies on the support of generous benefactors who contribute their time, energy, skills and financial resources to ensure that our organization can continue to serve artists with mental and developmental disabilities. Since moving to Bridgeport at the end of 2013, Project Onward has expanded its artist roster by over 20% and we look forward to continuing to broaden our engagement and offer many more artists the opportunity to join this unique studio and gallery environment. Extending our support, however, requires your support.

There are many ways that you can contribute to the success of Project Onward and help us serve more adult artists with mental and developmental disabilities:


Project Onward provides individualized services for an incredible group of talented artists who need more support than a typical arts studio provides. Volunteers are critical to ensuring that Project Onward can deliver these services and advance the careers of our artists. Our studio and gallery is a creative congenial space and we are always searching for individuals with a passion for service, interest in the arts and enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship to join us.

Click here to learn more about becoming a Project Onward volunteer.


Project Onward is sustained almost entirely through the gifts of committed and conscientious donors and grants. Join our community of supporters today and help advance the careers of artists with disabilities.

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