Feb. 26 – Louis and James Add Excitement to Radio Waves

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Listen to the interview (long black bar, halfway down the WGN Radio page) – Project Onward artists, Louis DeMarco and James Allen, were guests on the Market Overdrive show, hosted by WGN Radio personality, Frank Fontana. The two artists brought a feeling of warmth and excitement about Project Onward to the air waves.

Fidel Marquez, SVP of Governmental and External Affairs for ComEd, introduced the artists and described ComEd’s involvement in community endeavors like Project Onward, which supports artists with disabilities. Mark Jackson, Studio Director for Project Onward, thanked ComEd and WGN for the opportunity to appear on the show. He also gave context and answered questions as the artists described their work. Frank Fontana, host and star of Market Overdrive, developed a wonderful rapport with the artists, laughing as Louis steered the interview toward a live art auction.

Market Overdrive is the largest real estate industry talk-show in the nation and airs Sundays, 1-3pm on WGN AM 750 and streaming channels.


Listen to the interview on the WGN Website.

(In the audio recording (long black bar, halfway down the page), skip past the other discussion and go right to the interview by dragging the cursor to the “43:30” timing mark.)