Killing Time – Exploring Symbolism through Portraiture – Nov. 18

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Public Opening and Reception
Friday, November 18
6:00pm until 9:30 pm

‘Killing Time’

Exploring Symbolism through Portraiture:
The Riveting Work of Artist Julius DC Bautista

image - born to kill by julius bautista

Born to Kill by Julius Bautista

Project Onward is thrilled to present the work of Julius DC Bautista, Friday November 18, 6pm until 9:30pm.  This astonishing artist highlights the tension between balance and disharmony through colorful canvases that pay homage to abstract expressionism and illustration.

“My work is a double entendre which explores the similarities and differences between military and civilian life. It’s very much still about disorientation, but more so, the combating of that, whether internally or externally. I want the work to push the audience into considering these portraits as a representation of a random sampling of people living inside their own worlds, which are of course, is always a coordinating design of internal understanding and external influence. Thematically, many of the titles and imagery revolve around the concept of death and not only its inevitability, but also, its necessity. ‘Killing Time,’ is a reference to how boredom may be prevalent in first world civilian life, and as a reference to a more obscure utilization that implies a time to kill, such as in the heat of combat in war. Despite the morbidity of the central motifs, the works are all rendered with the whimsical, colorfully obtuse, and hyper-referential language that I’ve been building up throughout the years, as a sort of metaphorical confetti that serves to celebrate the dynamism of life before death.”

–Julius Bautista, 2016

Mr. Bautista, a deeply thoughtful individual, is a Chicago-based Filipino-American and USMC veteran. He is interested in psychology, philosophy, cultural history, and film.  He has created a number of new pieces for the exhibition. You will not want to miss this chance to see them, as well as his other paintings.  Mr. Bautista will be available to speak with you and discuss his work.

Exhibition at the Project Onward studio
1200 W. 35th Street 4th Floor
Enter from Racine
Chicago, Illinois 60609

For more information email or telephone (773) 940-2992.

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image - la Herida de la Cabeza

La Herida de la Cabeza – Julius Bautista