David Jarmon (b. 1990) is an artist who mainly works with drawing. By using popular themes from film and television – especially horror, science fiction and animation – he touches various overlapping themes and story-telling strategies. Jarmon’s imagination teems with a pantheon of film characters and Hollywood stars that he studies obsessively from TV, magazines and the internet. His work transcends the impulse for mere duplication, however, in his placement of icons like Freddy Krueger or the Bride of Frankenstein in comical and unprecedented situations. Disparate characters often interact with each other or pose with real-life portrait subjects, sometimes inscribed with non-sequiturs like “Thanks” or “Best of Friends.” Humor plays a great part in the artist’s work – his subjects are all treated with an equal amount of irreverence, while still being offered places of honor. Through Jarmon’s extreme repetition, form and content merge over time, building significance through sheer numbers. David Jarmon currently lives in Chicago’s Bronzeville neighborhood, and has been a member of Project Onward since 2010.