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Project Onward serves 50 artists, each with unique creative styles and facing diverse challenges, from autism to mental illness. All artists pass through a competitive selection process that evaluates their artistic talent, potential for creative growth and desire to advance as a professional artist before joining Project Onward. Member artists range in age from early-20s to early-70s and represent over 30 Chicago neighborhoods and several suburbs.

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L Name F Name
Allen James
Armstrong Franklin
Baker Dana
Banks Alfred
Barren Elizabeth
Basantes Pedro
Bautista Julius
Behnke John
Bianchi Matthew
Blaisdell David
Blountt Boyea
Bortman Ken
Bradford Ruby
Brendel Daniel
Bryant Michael
Cobbs Joseph
Cousins Jacqueline (Jackie)
Davis Kareem
Davis Tony
DeMarco Louis
Doby Stephon
Douglas William (Bill)
Gramer Jill
Hall Andrew
Hall James
Hameed Safiya
Harris Jason
Hence David
Hines Adam
Holt David
Hopkins Michael
Hunter Anthony
Jackson Brandon
Jarmon David
Juguilon Janno
Juguilon R.J.
Kelly Alison
Key Shawndrewick (Drew)
Kowalski Paul
Lavinder Sabeion
Lenoir Blake
Locket Calvin
Lynn Keturah
Mansur Motesem
McGrath Molly
Michalski Ray
Moore Jack
Ramirez Fernando
Sheppard Michael
Smith Michael
Smith Sheila
Tepich Ryan
Thomas Dennis
Tirelli Bobby
Willis Ricky
Wilson Sereno
Woodhouse Lucy
Zuniga George