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Artist John Behnke

Welcome to Project Onward! 

Project Onward supports the professional development of artists with exceptional talents and challenges, ranging from autism to mental illness, and provides these artists with workspace, materials, professional guidance, exhibition opportunities and access to markets to sell their work and advance their careers.

Project Onward is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and relies on contributions from individual supporters to carry out its mission.

VISIT    Enter on the East (Racine) side of the Bridgeport Art Center. When you visit Project Onward, you may roam the studio and gallery, speak with the artists, discuss their work and support them by purchasing their creations – they earn 50% pre-tax of each item sold.  Spend a few hours and you’ll agree that Project Onward is entirely magical.

DONATE   You may also make a contributions – artists receive all materials and services free of charge – but it costs PO $7,000 to maintain each one each year.  This year’s goal is nearly $500,000 and your gifts can help reach it!  Give by clicking here or on the DONATE button at the bottom of the page.

VOLUNTEER   Talk to PO’s volunteers and they will tell you that the artists and artwork instantly compelled them to help the organization by assisting in the studio, at the front desk or during an event. Interested? Click here.

So stop by during the week (Tue – Sat), or later every Third Friday.  The artists of Project Onward will welcome you — and will guarantee that you’ll feel the magic!

Enjoying summer in Hyde Park

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